Mixed Soutzjoukko with Nuts (500gr)

Mixed Soutzjoukko with Nuts (500gr) Sale

Mixed Soutzjoukko with Nuts (500gr)

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Soutzoukos is a famous traditional delicacy made from grape juice. It’s very tasty and aromatic,

with a chewy texture and a crunchy nutty centre with almonds densely attached together.

Alternatively, soutzoukos is also made with the addition of pomegranate juice or 

carob syrup, creating a remarkable, palatable blend of flavors and aromas.

This assortment pack contains one traditional soutzouko with grape juice,one with

added pomegranate juice and one with added carob syrup. All three with almonds.

Contains: Grape juice, pomegranate juice, carob syrup, cornflour, sugar and nuts

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