Hibiscus Flower Crystallized (500gr)

Hibiscus Flower Crystallized (500gr)

Hibiscus Flower Crystallized (500gr)

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Eat dried hibiscus flowers as a snack, sprinkle them onto your favorite meal

to give it some added flavor or add them to your fruit salad.

They have a tart, almost cranberry-like flavor and feel surprising fleshy in texture.

Sugar added

Health benefits:

  • Good source of antioxidant
  • Rich of Vitamin C
  • Cures cold
  • Boosts energy and immunity
  • Maintains fluid balance
  • Speeds up metabolism
  • Lowers levels of cholesterol
  • Maintains body temperature
  • Kidney stone remedy & diuretic
  • Blood pressure improver
  • Liver protective
  • Can help prevent bladder infections and constipation, also indigestion
  • Anti – cancer
  • Slows ageing
  • Hair and scalp treatment, stops hair fall
  • Darkens hair colour & it is natural remedy against greying hair
  • Cures acne
  • Relieves headache
  • Heals wounds and boils
  • Calms hot flashes through hormonal period of menopause

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